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The Ötzi valley society for prehistoric buildings and local history has its home in Umhausen and works together with the borough of Umhausen. The University of Innsbruck is responsible for the scientific leadership (department of archeology Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Leitner). Eventually, in 2000 as cooperation, the “Ötzi-village” was established.

The “Ötzi-village” is an archeologic open-air museum, which shows the visitors the lifestyle but also economic activities during the lifetime of Ötzi.

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Since 2001 Ötzi-Franz is an important part of the whole staff. He is not only a longtime member, but also a main attraction at the weekly and monthly representation of the “Neanderthal village life…”. As a souvenir on these special days visitors and especially children like to take a souvenir photo from the “photo shoot” with Ötzi-Franz.

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New member at the auerochs

Since the opening in spring 2014 we have a new member called Amon at the primeval cow. Amon originally comes from Seehausen (island Saffelsee) in Bavaria and was born on the 14th June 2011.

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