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Survival School Tyrol

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Survival School Tyrol

The school for skills of primitive people

The survival school Tyrol has set itself the goal to collect and pass on the knowledge of our ancestors. The skills of our ancestors around the globe are taught at the survival school in different courses, in the Ötzi village to children, adolescents and adults. All courses are always characterized by sustainability, respect and sense of togetherness.

Areal Überlebensschule Tirol - Ötzi-Dorf

Courses by the Survival School Tyrol in the Ötzi Village

Offers for families

Ötzi family camp

How do I make fires without modern tools or how do I recognize edible wild plants? The Ötzi Weekend in the Ötzi Village in Umhausen provides answers to these and similar questions. For four days we experience what life looked like during the lifetime of the glacier mummy Ötzi about 5,000 years ago.

Ötzi family camp 1
17th to 20th of May 2024
Ötzi family camp 2
01st to 4th of August 2024

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Courses for adults

The secret language of nature
22th to 24th of May 2024

Stoneworking (basics)
31st of May to 02nd of June 2024

Prehistoric pottery
07th  to 9th of June 2024

Wild kitchen 
19th to 21st of July 2024

Primitiv and urban fire
05th to 07th of July 2024

Survival foundation Course 1
18th to 24th of August 2024

Survival advanced Course 
8th to 13th of September 2024

Build a bow foundation Course
21st to 23th of June 2024
18th to 20th of September 2024

Build a bow advanced Course
26th to 29th of September 2024