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Survival School Tyrol

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The Survival School Tyrol

The School of Skills and Techniques of our Ancestors

The Survival School has set itself the goal to collect and pass on the knowledge of our ancestors. The skills of primitive people around the globe are taught in the Survival School in various courses in the Ötzi Village, the courses are designed for children adolescents and adults. In our courses we aim to create an atmosphere were participants feel comfortable, respect one-another and enjoy a great team dynamic.


The Survivals Schools Courses in the Ötzi Village

Family Courses

Ötzi Family Camp
25th till the 28th of August 2019

Ötzi Weekend
20th till the 23rd of June 2019

Courses for Kids and Adolescents

Ötzi’s Kids Camp
28th till the 31st of July 2019
04th till the 07th of August 2019
11th till the 14th of August 2019

Scouts Camp
16th till the 19th of May 2019

Adults Courses

Hunting and Traps
10th of May till the 12th of May 2019

Stone Knives
30th of August 2019 till the 01st of September 2019 · 1 pm till 5 pm

Urban Fire
5th of May 2019 · 9 am till 12 pm
10th of August 2019 · 9 am till 12 pm

Primitive Fire
04th of May 2019 · 9 am till 1 pm
03rd of August 2019 · 9am till 1 pm

Wild Kitchen 
19th of July till the 21st of July 2019

Beginners Course
11th of August till the 17th of August 2019

Advanced Course
18th of August till the 24th of August 2019

Survival Challenge
12th of September till the 15th of September 2019

Making a Bow
25th of September till the 27th of September 2019

Tanning and the use of animal goods
19th of September till the 22nd of September 2019