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Falco biarmicus

Order: Falkenartig (Falconiformes)

Family: Falkenartig (Falkenartig)

Size: 35 – 50 cm

Wing Span: approx. 90 – 110 cm

Weight: 500 – 1.000 g

The Lanner falcon was formerly also known as the „lady hawk“. It has a comparatively gentle, kind, friendly and open-minded character and hunts in no way similar to other hawks, the Lanner falcon is one of the most beautiful hawks there is. In the women‘s world of falconry, these qualities were often found very attractive, which is why mainly
women use to hunt with this type of hawk. Another interesting fact about the Lanner falcon is its hunting tactics. While others tend to hunt alone this type of falcon practices cooperative hunting and can be seen hunting as pairs in the wild. This uncommon form of hunting is called cooperative hunting.