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Events 2022

“The village is alive…”

Presentation of Neolithic crafts with an emphasis on the bow and arrow

Several times a week at midday

4 Day Ötzi-Kids-Camp

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Sunday, 17th of July till Wednesday, 20th of July 2022
Sunday, 31st  of July till Wednesday, 3rd of August 2022
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4 Day Ötzi-Family-Camp

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Thursday, 16th of June till Sunday, 19th of June 2022
Thursday, 4th of August till Sunday, 7th of August 2022

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Stone Age event – birch, wood and tar

Sunday, 21 August 2022 from 12 am 

Presentations of stone age handicraft techniques (stone processing, lighting fires and water boilers with stones) in special handicraft techniques on the subject of birch, wood and tar at the new handicraft square.

Children’s programme: Bread baking, stone and Ötzi tattoo painting