Ötzi Village & Birds of Prey Park - Am Tauferberg 8 - 6441 Umhausen


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Association for Prehistoric Buildings and Local History

Dorf 30
6441 Umhausen
Tel.: +43 5255 50022 oder 5795
E-mail: office@oetzi-dorf.at

Club chairman: Mag. Jakob Wolf
Managing: Leonhard Falkner

ZVR 007985963

The Association of Prehistoric Buildings and Local History was founded in February 1999 for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a prehistoric museum village. The aim of the project was and is to disseminate historical knowledge about the Neolithic Age in cooperation with science and thus to promote popular education.

Picture credits: Ötzi-Dorf, Greifvogelpark, Ötztal Tourismus, Fotolia