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Eurasian eagle-owl

Bubo Bubo

Order: Owls (Strigiformes)

Family: Eagle-owl (Bubo)

Size: 61 – 67 cm

Wing Span: approx. 157 – 168 cm

Weight: 1.800 – 4.200 g

The European eagle-owl is the largest owl species in the world and is – unlike many other birds of prey – a nocturnal and twilight-active predator. Not only its big head and its long feather ears are particularly striking but also its distinctively large orange-yellow eyes. In Central Europa, eagle-owls are widespread in low mountainous regions and the Alps, but it is now also increasingly found in the lowlands. Its prey mainly includes hedgehogs, mice, rats, rabbits, hares, corvids, pigeons and ducks. The owl is monogamous and remains faithful to its partner until the end of its life. Well-suited breeding sites are often occupied by eagle-owls for generations. It is very territorial and defends its territory with approx. 7 km radius against conspecifics. Among its enemies are foxes and martens.