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European White-Tailed Eagle

Haliaeetus Albicilla

Order: Bird of Prey (Accipitrifromes)

Family: Gyps(Accipitridae)

Size: 74 – 92 cm

Wing Span: ca. 193 – 244 cm

Weight: 3.000 – 7.000 g

European white-tailed eagle are extremely faithful birds. Once two birds have found each other, they remain together for the rest of their lives. The European white-tailed eagle primarily feeds on fish that it skilfully plucks out of the water as it flies. It is, however, also able to catch small mammals on the ground or even waterfowl in mid-air. But it also certainly does not spurn carrion. When it is young, the European white-tailed eagle is a spotted, grey-brown colour. Only when it reaches sexual maturity at the age of approximately eight it does grow its adult plumage with grey head, dark overall plumage and white tail feathers.