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Corvus Corax


Order: Passerines (Passeriformes)

Suborder: Songbirds (Passeri)

Family: Ravens (Corvidae)

Size: 54 – 67 cm

Span: ca. 115 – 130 cm

Weight: 1.070 – 1.460 g


The Raven is the largest representative of songbirds and a true vocal artist. If you work intensively with a raven, it can also learn to speak, furthermore, one of the most intelligent animals. They are omnivore’s –  and eat bread, vegetables, legumes, nuts, meat and even carrion – they spare nothing. The Raven is a classic example that a species can return after intense pursuit or hunting, the process is slow but with conservation and protection can happen. Despite intensive resettlement projects, they have become extinct in some parts of Europe, but in general the numbers have recovered.