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Steller‘s sea eagle

Haliaeetus pelagicus

Order: Bird of Prey (Accipitrifromes)

Family: Gyps (Accipitridae)

Size: 80 – 110 cm

Wing Span: approx. 195 – 280 cm

Weight: 5.000 – 9.000 g

As its name suggests, the Steller’s sea eagle is the largest among the sea eagle species. Its size and its strikingly large and strong orange-yellow beak are its outstanding features. It can be easily distinguished from other white-tailed eagles by its proportions: the paddle-shaped wings appear relatively short due to their width and in comparison to its
body length, whereas the wedge-shaped tail appears quite long. The plumage is predominantly dark brown to black; forehead, shoulders and thighs are strongly contrasting white. Steller’s sea eagle live close to rivers and coasts of Pacificnear Russia, during the winter months it can be found in Japan. It feeds mainly on fish, waterfowl and carrion. Like vultures, the eagle has few natural enemies. Steller’s sea eagle are monogamous, i. e. they are paired for life and live in pairs in territories during breeding season.