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Snow Owl

Bubo scandiacus


Order: Owls (Strigiformes)

Family: Real Owls (Strigidae)

Size: 55 – 65 cm

Span: ca. 145 – 160 cm

Weight: 1.300 – 2.500 g


The Snow owl prefers the open, cold and clear terrain of the Arctic Tundra,  excellently camouflaged with white feathers. It can increase up to a third of its body weight over the summer months and survive even the toughest winters. The Snowy owl is one of the few birds of prey whose gender can be recognized by their plumage. While the males are white in age, the females have some black spots (“banding”) on their white plumage. As it often stays bright or dark for weeks in the Arctic, the Snowy owl is active both at night and day. Their main prey are lemmings.