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Peregrine falcon

Falco peregrinus


Order: Falcon-like (Falconiformes)

Family: Hawks (Falconidae)

Size: 37 – 51 cm

Span: 109 – 118 cm

Weight: 480 – 1.300 g


The Peregrine falcon is one of the largest representatives of the falcon family. He is a cosmopolitan and populates, apart from the Antarctic, all continents. The Peregrine falcon is primarily a rock breeder and prefers to live in mountainous landscapes and cliffs. But it is also found in “artificial” rocks, such as cities and industrial plants. The Peregrine falcon is a highly specialized bird hunter. Its food consists almost entirely of small to medium-sized birds, which it hunts in the open air. The dives from high altitudes and the achieved speeds of up to 400 km / h are spectacular